Personalized Daily Oracle Reading


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Start your day with a personalized oracle reading! Receive your very own oracle reading daily for 7 days at 7:00 AM your time.

I am guided by the Italian Sybilla, Lenormand and Kipper Oracles to deliver the message from your guides that serves your highest good and that of those in question if applicable. Gentle yet truthful answers to your questions.

You may also submit a question you are wondering the answer to before 12:00 PM EST for something you need for your morning reading. Some tips to consider when asking your questions:
1. Pay close attention to WHAT you’re asking.
2. Avoid asking questions about negative topics in a negative way. Try to phrase your question so positive cards will reflect a “yes,” and negative cards will reflect a “no.”
3. Clearly address the issue. 
4. Relax and send your awesome vibes out to the universe when concentrating on your question!

*You must be 18 and over to receive an intuitive reading. For entertainment purposes only. Do not rely on a reading that would affect your medical, mental, legal or financial states. Seek the advice of a qualified legal, financial, medical or mental health care professional. All services are confidential unless there is a reasonable belief it is necessary to prevent substantial bodily harm or death, or a court overrides this confidentiality. I do not provide reading on inquiries of third parties.*